CPSC448: Problem solving

Winter 2002-2003, term 2

The final exam is on Sunday, April 20, 1:00-3:30pm in CICSR008. The front doors will be closed. Please enter throught the code entrance on the right side of the building.

Judy 0.9beta

This is our new problem submission system (still in experimental stage).

February 22, 2003: Over a megabyte of source code has been submited to the judge.


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We are now in a different room: SCRF1024. SCRF is across the Main Mall from the Biosciences building. Room 1024 is in the right wing, downstairs.

If you are having trouble connecting to www.lexansoft.com, try the IP address instead ( UBC's DNS server seems to be having problems.

What is the scoreboard for?

The scoreboard shows who solved which problem and how many tries it took the person to get it. First of all, it is not meant to rank students in any way! Different people will start working on the problems at different times and in different order. The number of incorrect submissions is completely irrelevant in calculating the marks. The point of the scoreboard is to help you. If you are struggling with a problem, take a look at how other students are doing with it. If nobody has an accepted solution and a number of unsuccessful submissions, that probably means that it is a hard problem and you should perhaps read it more closely or work on the other ones first. If on the other hand, several people have solved a particular problem, this could mean that the problem is relatively easy, and you should perhaps start with that problem.