Abednego's SuperTux Levels

SuperTux is an open-source Super Mario clone and is one of my favourite Linux games (it runs on other operating systems and Windows, too).

After finishing the Milestone 1 levels, I decided to make some more challenging ones. Here are the results of my efforts. All of these levels are solvable, and it is possible to get all of the coins. I tried to make levels that would require some thinking, not simply fast fingers (although, they will help).


Sane operating systems

Extract the archive to to the .supertux directory in your home.


Extract to the .supertux directory which is in the same directory as supertux.exe.

The level set will appear when you select "Contrib levels" in the SuperTux main menu.

Level sets

Float Like a Butterfly 4 levels that made it onto Bonus Island:
  • Flight Test
  • Dungeons but no Dragons
  • Lies!
  • Train Leaves in One Minute
Trot Like a Fox Extremely difficult. 2 levels so far:
  • Round and Round
  • It's Made of Cheese

Change log and news

December 9, 2004 Removed the fast-moving background (it was annoying). Added level 2 ("It's Made of Cheese") to TLaF. This is the most difficult level ever! It took me hours before I finally passed it once, without getting all the coins. But of course it is possible to get the coins, too... theoretically.
August 10, 2004 Added a phychedelic fast-moving background to "Round and Round". I passed it! Believe me; it's solvable.
August 8, 2004 I started a new level set. The first level has been posted, but I have not passed it yet. I'm sure it's possible, but it's my most difficult one yet.
August 6, 2004 Frank does level 4 in 48 seconds! This is probably the best possible time.
August 5, 2004 Wow! My levels will be on the Bonus Island in the upcoming SuperTux Milestone 2!
August 2, 2004 The race is on. Frank claims a time of 54 seconds for "Train Leaves in One Minute".
July 31, 2004 I passed my level 4 in 55 seconds. Yea baby! And I also passed it after taking the first mushroom and keeping it until the end gate. Then Frank did it in 55 seconds, too.
July 3, 2004Added level 4. Not too hard, but pretty crazy.
July 2, 2004Added level 3 of "Float like a Butterfly".
June 23, 2004Added the first two levels of "Float like a Butterfly".
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