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The code in this archive is provided free of charge to be used by anyone for any reason whatsoever without any obligations. You can download, copy, modify and redistribute this code at your will.

If you find the code useful, I would love to hear from you (abednego[at]gmail(dot)c0m).

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The code in this archive is provided without any warranty, explicit or implied. It is not guaranteed to be correct, bug-free or fit for any purpose. The author will not be held liable for any damage done by executing the code or for any illegal activities conducted with the help of the code.

If you find a bug, I would love to hear from you.


If the code does not compile, it is probably because I'm using GCC extensions that only work in g++-4.1 and earlier versions. I love my operator<?=, and I don't want to let it die. If you want to compile it in g++-4.2, you will need to change all instances of "a <?= b;" to "a = min(a, b);". Same for >?= and max().


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